Youth baseball league

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1. Only kids who are eligible to attend VH schools can participate in the Vestavia Baseball Club.  


2. VBC will provide one paid coach to for the 7th Grade C Team


3. Kids not making the A, B, or C teams for 7th Grade will be refunded the total amount of their deposit for the second season.  

    If a player makes the A,B, or C team but declines placement on the team, they will not be refunded their deposit.


4. VBC will NOT provide a paid coach for the 8th Grade C Team.  Players who do not make the A or B teams, will be refunded their deposit for the second season.


5. Players are allowed to participate in the Spring Training First Season without making a deposit or playing in the second season.  Those players will be trained and evaluated but will not be placed on a team.


6. 7th Grade Players that are too old to play with their class, may do the First Season with their 7th Grade classmates, but they will be evaluated to be placed on the 8th grade teams.


7. Registration for the Second Season will begin in December. Cost is $650 for 7th Graders and $600 for 8th Graders.



Vestavia Baseball Club is a division of the Vestavia Hills Youth Baseball Association.  We are a community based non-profit committed to providing quality instruction to ALL members of the Vestavia Hills community.   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jeff Tenner @