Youth baseball league

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1. Eligible players must currently be in high school (including home school). They may not have participated on any AHSAA Freshman, JV, or Varsity baseball team during the current year. A player who makes one of the above squads but quits prior to the 1st game of the season is eligible to participate in the league. The school coach must attest to this set of circumstances. A roster of players must be provided to the league leadership. Use of ineligible player(s) will result in a forfeit.


2. Forfeits: A team must forfeit if they have 7 players from their team and cannot provide pickup players to make 8 or 9. A team may play with 8 (borrowing a right fielder from the opposing team is permissible if the other team agrees). Pickup players must be on a 2022 YMBA roster. They bat last and play the outfield. 


3. Game times: 1st game will start on time. 2nd & 3rd games start time: Second/third games to start at scheduled time or 10 minutes after completion of previous game whichever is later. 


4. Game Length: We allow 2 hours or 7 innings to play a game, whichever comes first. If the 2 hour time limit has been exceeded at the completion of an inning, the game is official no matter how many innings have been played. No regular or extra inning will start after 2 hours from game time (see #3 above). No regular inning will start after 1 hour 45 minutes from game time. The next inning begins when the last out is recorded in the bottom of the previous inning. If a game is tied at the end of 7 innings or past the inning start time limit (1 hour 45 minutes), one extra inning will be played in an attempt to break the tie, provided that it starts prior to the 2 hour limit. In the extra inning, each team will start the at bat with the last batter of the previous inning at 2nd base. If, in the umpires’ opinion, the game is running way too long (e.g. Innings are taking 45 minutes to play and at 1h 45m time limit only in 3rd inning) they can waive starting another inning.


5. Mercy Run Rule:     8 runs after 5 innings (4 ½ if home team leading). 

                                   12 runs after 4 innings (3 ½ if home team leading) 

                                   15 runs after 3 innings (2 ½ if home team leading) 

If the home team is leading and satisfies the mercy run rule during their at bat the game is considered over when the run satisfying the rule is scored. 


6. Batting: A team can bat 9 or all players. You cannot change approaches during the game. 


7. Substitution: If you bat 9, high school rules apply. Otherwise, free substitution applies. 


8. No Infield will be taken before games. 


9. Pitching rules: 

     a) No player may pitch more than 8 innings in a 48 hour period. 

     b) A starting pitcher may not return to pitch after being removed from  pitching   

         in the same inning that he was removed. (e.g. Player pitched 3 1/3 innings was 

       relieved from pitching. He could return to the mound after the 4th inning completed. If relieved again, he could not return to the mound in that game.) 

     c) Balks will be called at the umpire’s discretion, these can not be protested. 

     d) Pitcher must be removed on second visit by coach to mound in one inning 

     e) 3rd to 1st pick-off move not allowed.  Will result in a balk and both runners advance. 


10. Courtesy runners: A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher and/or catcher with 2 outs. The courtesy runner is the player who made the last out or can be a substitute if one is available. 


11. Sliding: See NFHS rulebook on Malicious Contact. 


12. No Slashing: If a batter squares to bunt he must either bunt or take the pitch. If he squares to bunt and then swings, he is immediately called out and any runners may not advance. 


13. Game balls – Each team shall provide 3 new baseballs for each game. Baseballs should be Rawlings Official League Baseballs, Baden 2BB or any other high school approved baseball. 


14. Equipment:

a) Metal cleats are allowed subject to host park provisions. 

     b) Catchers must wear a protective cup and his mask must include throat protection. 

     c) Bats must be -3 with barrels not > 2 5/8” and, for metal bats, be labeled as BBCOR 

          i. Penalty for using illegal bat: 

             1. If identified before a pitch is thrown to batter, just get a legal bat. If identified after pitch is thrown, batter is out 

             2. If identified for a second time in game for same player, player is ejected. 


15. Field specifications: 90’ bases, 60’6” pitching distance 


16. Every team must have an adult coach, 30 years old or older, who will attend all games or designate another adult in his/her place. This person is responsible for the conduct of the team. Coaches under the age of 30 must be approved by the YMBA board of directors. Umpires will use their discretion as to the suitability of the designated adult. Failure to satisfy this requirement, in the opinion of the umpire, will result in a forfeit. 


17. Alcohol is not allowed in any of the parks where we play. It is also not allowed in the dugouts. If the umpires suspect that a player came to a game inebriated or is consuming alcohol during the game, the player will be ejected from the game. Park rules must be followed, no exceptions. 


18. If a player is ejected from a game, he can’t participate in the team’s next game as well. Can’t participate means he can’t be in the dug-out or on the field. Two ejections in the season will result in the player’s ejection from the league. 


19. After the first 2 weeks of the season, dress code will consist of the following: 

     a) Matching t-shirts or jerseys with numbers

     b) Baseball caps, if any hats are worn. Hats must be worn as intended with bills facing forward.

     c) Baseball pants. 

     d) Pitchers should not wear long white sleeves under their uniform top. 


20. Team names must be approved by the YMBA board of directors. As examples, names     associated with the following will not be acceptable: 

     a. Alcohol 

     b. Drugs 

     c. Sexual references 

     d. Vulgarities 

     e. Violence 


21. Base coaches must wear a baseball helmet for safety purposes. Play will not continue until this rule is satisfied. Either coaches wear the helmet or you don’t have base coaches.


22. Only players and coaches are allowed in the dug-out. During play, players must be in the dug-out not standing outside the dug-out unless they are the on-deck batter, a base coach or are the players involved with warming up a new pitcher (P, C, and safety players).


23. Physical confrontations between players, coaches and/or fans will not be tolerated. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on this matter. It will be at the discretion of the umpires when physical confrontation occurs before, during, or after a game to take immediate action (forfeit of game, termination of game, ejection of players, coaches or fans, etc.) and/or to provide recommendations to the YMBA directors as to actions to be taken. Dismissal of an entire team from the league is a possibility as a result of these types of incidents.


24. No music in the dugout.